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Friday, June 26, 2009

Khaara Paratha


For the dough

Wheat flour : 2 cups
Salt to taste
Water : approx 1.25 cups

Make a smooth dough as you do for chapathi, make small balls and keep aside.

For the khaara paste

Chilli powder : 2 tsp
Jeera powder : 1 tsp
Salt to taste (make sure you add just enough for the paste as the dough also has salt)
Oil : 4 tsp

Mix all the ingredients to make a loose paste.

  1. Take one portion of the dough and knead into a small chapathi.
  2. Spread some paste on the chapathi.
  3. Fold by bringing the edges to the center and roll out into a chapathi again. You can use flour to dust the dough just like you would for a regular chapathi.
  4. Use oil or ghee to grease the chapathi on the tawa and cook till slightly brown.
  5. Serve with butter or raita. Mmmm....yummy!!!!

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